Wednesday, December 06, 1995

Letter to Jutta


Well I can’t help thinking of you. They are doing a three hour retrospective on the music of Serge Gainsbourgh on WFMU 91.1. It is filled with all kinds of wonderful historical facts. Such as... Je Tem Mon on Plus was the first song to be officially banned by the Vatican and... he made a film called “Cannabis” in 1969 that featured a very young Gérard Depardieu. I wonder what the pope thought about “Lemon Incest”?

We have been having pretty good weather. I had a little slow period at the end of November — early December and managed to get in some Rollerblading in Central Park. My friend Steve and I, our favorite thing to do is to do a couple of loops (20 km) then get burritos and go to the $2 movies. The $2 dollar movies is this big brand new movie complex they built under a new skyscraper in mid-town. The problem is, is that nobody went there. The building itself is almost half empty. So, to attract people they lowered the admission to $2 and started showing movies that were 6 months to 1 year old. I have found that the price has a huge impact on the enjoyment of a film. Case in point. Waterworld, for $8 I would have thought this movie was a big stinking piece of sharks turd, but for $2 we laughed at it all the way through, made fun of all the actors, the script, the sets and had a great time.

Claudia comes to visit next week. It’s more of an official visit as she will be working. I am currently working at BBDO, they do the advertising for Pepsi. So, let’s see if I am up to the Pepsi Challenge.

The film goes well. But more slowly than I hoped. I am still working on the script with the actors.

I will also be doing another serial theater piece in January. I finally gave in to everyone and agreed to do it. I have a great writing staff so that is a big part of the incentive. It will be called SPYS and feature spy stories set in locations around the world.

This is great news about the grant. I would love it, if you came to New York, especially for six months. I’m wishing you extra-double-special good luck. Also if you can send me a copy of TV-Dinner on video. I can have it dubbed here.

I am including a piece of real New York City craziness. There is this young guy who goes on the subway, proclaiming the stuff in this document. He looks like a clean-cut all-American type. He wears a utility belt with screwdrivers and plyers and things. He sells this newsletter for 25¢ to “help support his cause”. If you want to make a contribution too, his address is included at the end.