Friday, December 28, 2012

Time Travel

Succumbing to the hysteria of over wrought relatives I changed my plan and left a day early. I drove home from Massachusetts to NYC on Wednesday afternoon. Needless to say I ran smack into the storm I was trying to avoid as it rumbled across the hills of western Connecticut. At five-forty-six the GPS showed my arrival time as six-forty-six. As traffic slowed to a crawl in the blinding snow my car clock changed to 547 just as my ETA changed to 647. My land-clock clicked to 548 just as my ETA moved to 648. This continued unabated for 30 minutes. Every time I moved forward a minute my destination moved a minute farther away. If time is perception then I was acutely aware of time standing still for a full half hour. This was in spite of my car moving forward. In fact, if traffic had moved any slower I might have had the experience of time moving backwards. In the past I would have only kept track of the distance traveled and however slow I was moving I would have FELT like I was getting closer. But now with the GPS I have a new point of reference that changes the perception of the experience.

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